Poncho Fashion

Move over Project Runway, Vietnam has Project Poncho!  Ok, I am joking, however it would be a great idea for a show here!  There is one thing that I like about the rainy season , the ponchos. There is a whole poncho industry here that’s I’ve never seen before. I myself own 3 ponchos; something I never thought I would say.

Get in touch with your inner stripper:

These are the cheap, one time use ponchos. Normally purchased because you forgot your good poncho and just got caught in a downpour. They are basically flimsy pull-apart plastic bags. I imagine that when it gets done raining you rip it off as if you were a Chippendale dancer ripping off your pants.

See the light:

They have ponchos that are specifically for motorbikes with a little clear square area in front that is for your motorbike headlight. This way you can drape your poncho over the front of your motorbike and still have the headlight shine through…isn’t that safety-minded?! Actually it’s the only thing I’ve seen here that’s safety-minded.

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