It’s the weekend and that means that it’s time to get on my motorbike again and join the sea of 2 wheels. I’d like to say that it was easier this time, but I don’t know that it was. It was a good practice session though and I was able to accomplish a few ‘firsts’ which is always important!

I drove it to a restaurant and parked it. I know this doesn’t sound like rocket science, but you have to understand that for the last 6 months here I have been living a walking life…one in which you don’t have to park. Just consider the fact when you live in NYC and don’t own a car, you have no idea where the gas stations are because it’s not something you utilize…ever. So, figuring out parking was just a new adventure.

For most restaurants and shops parking is simply on the sidewalk , and it’s sort of valet parking in a way. Every shop/restaurant has a guy who is paid to sit out front and watch motorbikes and organize the parking. You pull up on the curb (first you must find the part of the curb that you can pull up onto (a ramp of sorts), you drive down the sidewalk and stop in front of the shop, get off, and the parking guy comes over from eating his Pho and gives you a ticket with a number. The parking guy then writes the number on your seat in some white crayon substance and he then takes the bike. You leave your helmet there with the bike. All easy…but a bit intimidating the first time. I actually have a friend who tried to pull up on the curb once without a ramp and ran into the window of the establishment! See – there’s always something that can go wrong!


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