The power of the hand… I hopped on my motorbike tonight at 8:30 PM to find out that my headlight no longer worked. It would only work when I throttled the bike up – but after I slowed down, the light went out. This created an interesting strobe effect as I drove. So much for not trying to call attention to myself as a foreign driver! I shouldn’t be too surprised about the flukiness of the bike as the speedometer has never worked before, and I am convinced that that shocks are thee just for show. Surprisingly one of the things that does work on my bike are the turn signals. However the locals don’t even use the signals on their bike. They opt instead to use their hand. I’m not talking about the ‘official’ hand turn signals that we use in the US; no, that would be way too organized! Instead they simply stick their hand out low and at an angle and normally wave it a bit as if they are ‘shooing’ off a fly. Shortly after moving here, I was riding through a traffic circle the first time I saw this and had no idea what it meant. Little did I know that it was the universal sign for merging in Vietnam! Now as a motorbike driver I find that I naturally yield to the hand wave signal.

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