What the Helllllllmet?

Whenever I get on my bike and take off into the street I always have a small wave of panic come over me. I feel like I forgot something. I feel strangely exposed; one might say naked. Then the beeping horns jolt me back into the present and I remember I don’t have a car door to close or a seatbelt to put on. It’s just me perched on this motorbike totally exposed; except for my helmet that I’ve grown to love and hate.

Hate: It’s hot and gives my hair that lovely ‘helmet head’ look.Love: It will save my brain (and life) from crashing into the pavement.

As much as I love and value my helmet, I can’t say that the Vietnamese people feel the same way about their helmets. I picked up the local English paper the other day and came across an article entitled “Draft decree extends fines for helmet law violations”. Granted, the title wasn’t too catchy, but it is translated news after all. I learned that the helmet law was only put in place here in 2007 which explains why many people still don’t wear helmets in Vietnam, it’s still a pretty new concept.

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