There is a very real problem in Asia.

Elephants and humans are not getting along and in Sri Lanka, it is more apparent than anywhere else.

The Human Elephant Conflict is a term that defines a growing problem in Asia. Habitat is shrinking daily and humans are encroaching on the territory of elephants. At the same time, many poor farmers haven’t changed their daily lives for hundreds of years but their crops and villages are being threatened. As urbanization takes hold, the elephants have nowhere else to go and end up in fields searching for food.

Asian Elephant Pests

The Asian elephant is considered a pest.

In villages, elephants are considered pests. Very big and dangerous pests. They raid crops and devastate and entire year’s harvest.
Like any wild animal that is losing its habitat, elephants are becoming more aggressive and people are losing their lives.
Each year in Sri Lanka 50 people are killed by elephants and in India that has a billion + more people than Sri Lanka, 150 – 200 people are killed by elephants each year.

Because of these statistics Sri Lankans are mobilizing and fighting back. Elephants are being shot, poisoned and electrocuted. As many as 100 – 150 elephants are being killed each year and it doesn’t seem as if anyone can come to a solution. Some statistics have stated that over 200 elephants were killed in Sri Lanka in 2009.

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