With WHO about to announce Swine Flu at the pandemic stage, I thought it was a good idea to repost this topic. It gives you an overall view on how to stay healthy while travelling advice given by some serious travellers. I’ve also added a short piece on Swine Flu with some links to go to.

When I was studying up the travel guides for next year’s trip around Central Asia (now postponed), I began to accumulate questions that, over time, would need answers. So I asked a couple of long term travellers if they could offer some tips and suggestions on how to stay healthy while on the road.

Tips for staying fit on the long road.

The first question relates to fitness, stamina, endurance. Not only physically, but mentally and spiritually. Travelling with a house on your back differs enormously to travelling with a camera and money belt while on a package tour. True, there are varying levels of fitness needed for both types of travel, but the latter is probably easier to plan -while munching on a donut.

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