Sadly due to Dengue Fever getting in our way (!), we only had one full day to spend in Singapore between the four-day train ride from Chiang Mai and our flights to Australia.

Interestingly, we weren’t sure if this was a curse or a blessing; it appears that people either love or hate Singapore. Here are some reasons why people could both love or hate it:


  • It’s a country that is a big city. If you’re not a city person, then Singaporeconsequently wouldn’t be your cup of tea. If you are a city person, then Singapore is paradise, full of life, diversity, and brimming with “success”. Either way, I have to say that there are many huge parks, beaches, and resort-like areas that even a non-city-person should have been able to find something satisfying in Singapore.
  • It’s very expensive. I can’t find many positive points to this reality, except to observe that the biggest complainers of cost in Singapore are those that just came from considerably less expensive areas of Asia (like Thailand), and go through some serious sticker shock. When you compare the prices in Singapore to those of any world-class large city, then it’s actually not that expensive – in fact in some cases it is way cheaper.
  • It’s very clean. Now I would view this observation as a positive one through and through, however naysayers of Singapore cite the cleanliness as a kind of sterile lack of personality. I say it’s better than garbage and garbage-related pests lining all the city streets.
  • It’s very crowded.

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