Tiger Balm Tales Vol. 6

Day 2 & 3 Bahundanda to Dharapani

What is it about growing older that changes us? Not only do our feet get bigger, but we tend to also develop more irrational fears. I’ve been aware of it for some time now; my growing fear of heights. As each year goes by I turn into Jimmy Stewart in Vertigo…I freeze, the world seems to spin around me, and I have to talk myself through the irrational panic. Why on earth did I think that going on a hiking trip in the Himalayas would be a good idea?

After hiking a day to get to the trail, we were now hiking on the main Annapurna trail. This tourist route had little villages peppered along the trail giving you an endless supply of drinks, fruit, food, people watching, and lodging. However the downside to hiking the trail was that it was like a super highway of tourists. On day 1 we were surrounded by locals, and from here on out we would be surrounded by tourists. We chose to hike the trail at the best time of the year; the weather was perfect – no more monsoon, and not freezing cold yet. Of course this was why everyone else also decided to come and hike the trail; Oct/Nov was high season.

Bridges like sticks

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