Sometimes journeys can take the romantic traveller on fairytale adventures only found in lost stories: expeditions to faraway castles, overland treks to pyramids; or hair raising car rides around chaotic cities. Sometimes, journeys just take us to the corner store.

While trying to find a thoughtful message to fit in with this post, I was struck by the truthfulness found within Robert Thomas Allen’s quote.

“Most of my treasured memories of travel are recollections of sitting.”

At first I had to research who this wise person was, then I realised that no matter how thought provoking and insightful I wanted my quote to be, the simple truth would be more effective.

Trains, sitting, stories

Train journeys; you either love them or loathe them, depending on your outlook. Romantic notions of yesteryear lodged in the back of nostalgic minds, while electric rails zoom these minds in carriages to destinations. Whenever I think of train journey’s I imagine train life being in line with the Oriental Express: rich, luxurious and indulgent.

Journeying overland through Malaysia by train put my wild imaginings back into perspective. True there is a luxury train journey aptly named the Eastern Oriental Express, which runs through western Malaysia, but my train trip was on the eastern side; the jungle side. Here the trains are not opulent and the journey is less romantic.

Being an adventurer and small time nostalgic buff, the Jungle Line journey was extremely appealing. Notions of virgin jungle mixed with exotic reptiles, rubber plantations, and whatever jungles contain, were running through my mind while planning this trip.

Ten hours from a northern town called Gua Musang in Malaysia direct to Singapore. Time to soak in the scenery, reflect on my travel; and sit.

Train journey’s offer tasty treats you seldom find on planes these days. Delicious treats found in the people you meet, talk with, and share a portion of yourself to. Interesting morsels  are in the time spent inventing stories about those around you; who have no other reason to be on the train, but to get from A to B.

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