Two Glaciers, both in Los Glaciares National Park, both offer ice trekking, both marketed to adventure travelers – but which one should you choose? I was lucky enough to set foot on both Viedma Glacier and the Perito Moreno Glacier – but not everyone is that fortunate. I decided to compare my experiences based on some criteria that I deem relevant for adventure travel seekers. You can go through this and determine what’s important to you and choose for yourself. And if you have the chance to go to both…do it!

Trekking Difficulty

Viedma – the trekking was challenging – and it was really fun. The guides explained how to use the crampons well and we were off. I was really surprised at the things they were taking us through and on. We did some steep climbs and descents that I wouldn’t have sought out on my own! But they were there lending a helping hand and were generally confident in our ability which was nice. They would occasionally make some steps for us with their ice picks in a really steep area, but mainly they just taught us how to utilize the crampons in these more challenging situations. By the end I was exhausted and we still had to scramble back over the rocks to get to the boat at the end. It was challenging, risky, and well supported.

Perito Moreno – This was a well-traveled tourist path and because of that the whole trek was watered down. There were no steep climbs or descents and in fact I got reprimanded a few times for trying to go my own way (which I do greatly appreciate their concern with safety). The people who were on this trek were much more timid and out of shape too – so I understand that the guides had to account for that too. The guides would lead us to some crevasses and holes and let us walk up and peer over one by one with support – but that was about as daring as it got. We even had a photo session where everyone posed for a photo that made us look way more adventurous than what they were! There are more difficult treks you can do on Perito Moreno – but they cost much more money and aren’t as comparable with the Viedma prices any longer.

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