I hate to admit it, but I would have to say I’m a difficult person. I’m stubborn, have an insane amount of pet-peeves, and have a sometimes irrational germ phobia. When another student found out that I hate the idea of drinking or eating off random people, he responded with a shocked, “And you came here?!”  Yes, I did come here, and I am happily working on my germ phobia. The kids in the family I am living with spit and cough on everything. We double-dip our teaspoons, use our hands to divvy out green onions, and eat our bread off the table top.

In light of all this “letting my guard down” behavior, I decided to conquer yet another fear – taste testing Shoro. Shoro is this crazy little drink that the Kyrgyz love. It is sold on nearly every street corner. On a normal day, you will see children, adults, and grandparents standing around these jugs chugging down some of the good stuff. The only problem is that it kind of smells like rotten food, or as I put it, old beer. The particular type I chose was the wheat-based drink, which is supposedly very healthy. Anthony, another American in town, said it took him about a month of trying it before he liked it. Now, he just can’t get enough.

So, I bit the bullet and gave it a whirl. You can see my reaction in this little video! Enjoy!

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