Over the past years of full time travel, a frequent question we’re asked is: “What’s your favorite place so far?” It’s become our least favorite question to be asked, and we’ve had to get creative in how we answer it.

I’ve always hated being asked to name my favorite of anything – colors, food, climates, movies, books, cars. Choosing just one as an ultimate favorite is painful. There’s generally always something to appreciate and take away from everything, and my favorite will vary depending upon the context.

When you’re traveling through somewhere – whether staying for a few hours or a few months – you learn that you don’t have to evaluate a place on what it doesn’t offer, but instead – what it does. A place doesn’t have to meet all of your criteria for what makes a place ideal – climate, scenery, culture, community, history, traffic, public transit and pace of life. You begin to look at places differently, to find their hidden gems, what makes them unique and you seek out the beautiful in everything you encounter.

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I don't really have a favorite place just favorite moments.

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Tell us about your favourite moments...?

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