We have been lucky enough to see some of the most magnificent sights on earth. The ones that always seem to amaze us the most are the incredible ruins and temples of the world. To understand how they were made with such precision and how they have endured over the centuries is mind boggling. Each ruin that we have traveled to has always had something in common with another, even if they are on the other side of the world.

Here is a list of our favorite ruins in the world that we had visited.

6. Angkor Wat

Located in Cambodia this majestic complex consists of hundreds of temples covering 500 acres of land. Mother nature has done her work well reclaiming the land once ruled by the Khmer Empire. The jungle had almost swallowed up the temples of Angkor, until great efforts were made in restoration. In recent years many temples have been restored to their original grandeur. The Main Temple of Angkor Wat is well preserved and a breathtaking sight. Its five main towers jut into the air as high as 66 meters (215 ft) from its 1.6 km (1 mile) long base.You can witness the strength of nature by visiting the temple of Ta Prom. Left in its original state, vines and roots twist through the complex breaking apart solid rock as trees rise through its roof far into the air. Not to be missed is Angkor Tom. Imposing statues of 54 Gods and 54 Demons line the causeway leading up to the temple.

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