The act of walking up to a tree or bush, picking the fruit, and eating it right then and there (or preparing it to go in a delicious meal) is a new and wonderful thing for us to have discovered. There are so many wild and wonderful foods here, and we know we are just scraping the tip of the iceberg.

Here is what we’ve discovered to date:


I remember having one in Edmonton and thinking it wasn’t all that. But once I tried a Hawaiian star fruit right off the vine, I rediscovered it! The trick is to slice off the tips of each spine, which house the bitter fruit. The rest is a juicy explosion of yummy deliciousness that tastes like a combination of apples and grapes.

WiPronounced vee, and often called wi apples, they are a relative of the mango. And consistent with their title, they taste & have the consistency of a combination of mango and apple.


Guavas are actually considered to be weeds by the locals, as they grow in abundance anywhere given a chance. You see lots of guava trees on the side of the road. The pink fruit inside (although you generally eat the skin too) has a sweet and sour taste, and the seeds are very hard and small. Most people don’t bother spitting them out, but they can be a pain to chew through. Although I like guavas, they’re not Kelly’s favourite.

Strawberry Guava

These little pearls of goodness, on the other hand, are hardly un-likeable. Also growing everywhere around here and considered to be weeds, they live up to their name in taste – they are wonderfully sweet like strawberries. They are about the size of a quarter in diameter, and although they too have hard seeds, they’re not nearly as obnoxious.

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