My Top Five Traveling Experiences

Every traveler has their top traveling experiences. Here are my top five experiences:

Hiking the Grand Canyon

The hardest part for me was the steep ascent back up- the high altitude and steep rock faces made for an adjustment. After 6 hours hiking up the canyon, I made it out. Hiking the Grand Canyon was one of the major life goals and I'd done it. Once over the top, all the pain in my legs, the tiredness, and the heat disappeared to give way to sheer joy. I had mastered the canyon. I had done what few do. I was satisfied. I felt like Rocky after he climbed those stairs.


Lounging on Ko Lipe for a month

We spent our days on the beach and our nights at the bar. Life was simple.  Ko Lipe had captured me and I was its willing prisoner. I explored the island everyday- crisscrossing the interior, exploring the town, eating at all the restaurants, and swimming at all the beaches. We left no corner of the island unturned.  It was like the beach and I imagined this was what Thailand was like before mass tourism hit the country.


Getting Lost in a Jungle

When I was in Costa Rica, some friends and I went to hike Arenal National Park. We got lost on the trails and, as night fell, we couldn’t find our way out. We had no food, water, or even a flashlight. After hours and hours of searching, we found a road. Following the road we connected with the main road and waited. Someone came by and picked us up. On the way, we saw the volcano and it’s nightly fireworks. It was a scary experience but one of my favorite.


Visiting Paris

Everyone loves Paris and I never believed the hype until I stepped foot on the Champ Elysses and was intoxicated by the city. I feel in love with Paris right there and spent an amazing week eating great food, seeing a great city, and being shown around by great locals. It ranks as one of the best experiences I ever had in a city.


Exploring Tikal

Located in Guatamala, this ancient Mayan city was breathtaking. During the day, crowds from Belize fill the park but, at night and in the morning, the place is empty. It is only you and the animals. Many of the paths are overgrown and much of the ruins are hidden beneath earth and trees. This makes it a perfect destination to feel like Indiana Jones. I know I did.


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