I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the recession lately. I’m in a very fortunate position here in Vietnam in that I’m not as bombarded by the recession news 24/7 as people in the States are.  Sure, they talk about it here, but I can decide when to easily ‘plug into’ the freak show or not. When I turn on the TV , I don’t get channels like CNN or BBC, I get the travel channel and AXN (some Asian network that shows western shows). In fact, I can’t remember the last time I saw a news program. No 20/20 scaring me about how terrible the unemployment is and how I will no doubt lose my job and be stuck with a big mortgage and no way to send my kids to school. No 60 Minutes scaring me into wondering how I will support myself in retirement thanks to the downward spiral of my IRA. No Good Morning America trying to scare me into clipping coupons and stop drinking Starbucks and make my coffee at home to save money. A little side note – there are no Starbucks here, so no temptation for me!

I mainly keep up to date on the economy via news podcasts, and occasionally I will pick up an International Time or Newsweek when I’m feeling out of touch. However I recently I had an injection of American information into my little Vietnamese world. I had friends visiting from San Francisco and they granted my wish for magazines! I’ve spent the last week pouring over Newsweek, People, In Style, Lucky, Us, Elle, Vanity Fair and Esquire. These are all vastly different magazines, but there were two things in common in each of them; the recession and our new President. I was a bit startled at what a collective mass these topics were regardless of if the magazine was about news, fashion or celebrities.  It’s nice to see that the press has been able to channel it’s fanaticism from the 2 year deluge of Presidential Race coverage into coverage of the recession.  (Please understand that was sarcastic - duh)

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