I walked into the ger making sure to duck my head for the low door frame and went around the ger clockwise as I was taught in my cultural training . I took a seat where the family pointed – at the 10 o’clock position; the esteemed position for visitors. They quickly poured a bowl of steaming fresh milk and gave it to me. The milk had a slightly different taste than what I was expecting; it was from a goat. This new taste would quickly become old to me as goat milk became my main source of liquid for the next two weeks.

The Food Pyramid:The Mongolian food pyramid was a little different than a normal food pyramid and it left me baffled on how the Mongolians survived! The pyramid was dominated by dairy with no sign of vegetables or fruits. I ate more dairy in 2 weeks than I have in 6 months! Goat milk, Camel milk, various forms of yogurt (from runny to hard as a rock), goat milk cheese, the skin of boiled milk, and yes, even the booze was made of milk. Airag is fermented mare’s milk and quite a popular drink. (Yes, of course I tried it!) Milk is so revered that at sports festivals and religious festivals I often saw people putting milk on religious symbols or milk on horses heads for good luck. If milk was the king of the food pyramid, then what was the Queen?  Mutton

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