You can toboggan down the Great Wall of China, and now zipline over the Mehrangarh Fort in Jodphur.  Supposedly this is 'the invader's eye view' of the fort, darting in on metal cables between the fort's battlements and ramparts.  

You're escorted on your zip by guides and protectors, who make sure you're hanging in there (sorry), as well as providing you with a zipping commentary.  It's certainly an unusual way to see one of Jodphur's most famous sights, but as well as the novelty there are other benefits to this mode of exploration – this tour also takes you into parts of the fort complex that until now required quite a lot of walking, including the Chokelao Garden, so you're seeing the quieter parts of this popular attraction.  


The fort is already built on a ridge of rock about 100m out of the rest of the plain, so it's probably not something for people nervous of heights...but it would be a spectacular view.

The people who're running it say they've gone to a lot of trouble in making sure that they're not damaging the fort, or other people's experience of visiting the fort – the wires and cables are supposed to 'blend in harmoniously with the fort backdrop'?  Not sure how that's going to work, but it kind of works at the Great Wall, so it's always possible.  


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