A clip of conversation with the postmaster at Woods Point:

Nora: “We just rolled into town here on the recommendation of a friend of ours. And what a lovely place it is! It’s absolutely charming – I love it. What is the population?”

Postmaster: “The population of Woods Point? 37. But if you include the three townships to the north of here, we’re up to 47 now!”

Talk about a well-kept secret.

Kelly’s request for a Christmas present last year was a gold pan. We had been tipped off that there’s gold in some of the local rivers, and after having grown up in the “wild west” of Edmonton Alberta where the river that runs through the city still allegedly has gold in it, Kelly was on-board to see what he can find here in Australia.

Now, gold panning isn’t quite as simple as dipping in at the edge of a creek or river and seeing what you can find. Wait a minute: it kind of is. What matters is the particular selection and section of river you choose to dip into.

And on recommendation by a friend of ours who knows just about every square inch of Victoria like the back of his hand, Woods Point is the place to dip in, if ever there was.

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