Traveling around the USA, you're likely have had some of the same experiences we have…

* You pull into a new state, decide it’s a good night for a beer, and assume you can stock up at a grocery store. You search and search, only to find none for sale… or that you can’t buy any alcohol on a Sunday… or that what is sold in stores is not ‘real’ beer… Frustrating!

* You’re sitting at a red light, waiting to make a left from one one-way street onto another. There’s no traffic… but is it legal to make a left on red? It is your home state, but what about here?

* You stop to handle some major shopping chores, and only later realize that you could have saved substantially by driving another 50 miles down the road into a state with substantially lower sales tax, or even no sales tax at all…

As we’ve traveled, we’ve been struck by the sheer number of variations in state laws and regulations that affect us as travelers. We’ve noticed major state-to-state differences in everything from gun carry laws, public smoking bans, towing laws, alcohol laws, gas and diesel taxes, special time zone rules, helmet laws, leash laws and much more.

It’s amazing how much stuff can change right under your nose when you cross a state line.

So we decided to solve our own problem by compiling all this information into one easy-to-access place, in the process developing our first iPhone application.

State Lines is the result of several months of development effort and extensive research, and today we’re proud to announce it is available for purchase in Apple’s iTunes app store at an introductory price of just $2.99.

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