I’ve traveled around the world and I’m here to tell you that English is the only language you NEED to get around a country.

I don’t speak another language. I’ve traveled to 50+ countries. I’ve been able to communicate in all of them. English is the language of the world and you can normally find SOMEONE in a village, town, or city that knows a little bit of English. Granted, not everyone will know it, so when you come across someone staring at you blankly, then try to move on and ask someone else.

When you do find that English speaker who knows a ‘little bit’ of English, here are some tips you may want to use to ease their understanding and make the conversation a success:

Use simple vocabulary:

Think about the words you are using; could they be understood by a 5 yr. old? If not – search your brain for easier vocabulary! Also be aware of the slang you use. Try to increase your awareness to slang in your vocabulary, and remove it! Even simple things such as ‘like’ is a word that many Americans overuse and really can confuse English learners. “Do you know like where a bathroom is?”

Slow down and stress your words:

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