It’s every traveler’s worst nightmare: You’re in trouble, so you reach for your phone to call your travel insurance company. The line rings. And rings. And rings.

No one answers.

This nightmare scenario happened to David Miller when his travel documents went missing. He tried to call Access America through its collect number. No one was home.

Here are the unfortunate details:

I purchased a travel package through European Destinations (apparently also known as Solar Tours) which included travel insurance. The insurance is supposed to include assistance in the event that travel documents are lost.

Nineteen hours before our return flight home, my partner’s passport was stolen. In the event that it’s necessary to prove it, we have the police report from Palma Nova, Mallorca, Spain.

The trouble arose when we attempted to reach insurance company, Access America, via the collect number provided to us for use during the trip. As a matter of fact we tried calling all the numbers provided to us and were told that calls to those numbers could not be completed.

It is my contention that if I cannot reach the insurance company when their assistance is needed (and presumably guaranteed), then I’m essentially uninsured. As such, I’ve requested a refund of the cost of the insurance.

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