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Many people, old and young, crave the adventure of a life time, whether it be a GAP Year, a volunteering holiday or an expedition to a far flung corner of the world. And what better way to make a difference than use such an adventure to raise money for a charity!

These adventures are a valuable experience for the person participating, as well as a good cause for those in need. They will also create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime, not to mention a few tales to tell the grandchildren! But without fail, cost is always the first barrier to realising our dreams. If only money grew on trees.

Many people do not have the budget, but as the old saying goes, where there is a will, there is a way.

Here are a few tips to help you cover your costs, as well as raise extra cash for your chosen charity.

Fundraising tips:

  • Start by setting yourself a deadline: When will you need to raise the money, and how much do you need? Plan backwards from your deadline date to schedule your activities.
  • It is often risky relying on the success of one large event. Better try to raise money in different ways in small amounts
  • Start taking on small jobs: Packing bags at the supermarket, babysitting, dog walking, distributing leaflets, helping someone in the garden or house. It’s a busy world these days, and many people need help moving house, painting the shed, doing their groceries or mowing the lawn. Tell your new employers about your trip and they may just add a little extra to your hard earned wage!
  • Organize small events: A quiz night, talent auction, themed evening with a talk about your project, pot luck dinner or highland games are all great fun and will help you earn a bit of cash.
  • Organize a raffle, lottery, or guessing game (e.g. the amount of money in a jar full of coins).
  • Ask local businesses for sponsorship in return for advertising their brands on your journey – branded tee-shirts or badges and logos on items of clothing/equipment help raise awareness for these small businesses.
  • Car boot sale: Who hasn’t got a pile of books, clothes, unwanted gifts that are just sitting there gathering dust? Collect them up, stick them in a bag and take them to your nearest car boot sale. You can ask friends and families for more items to add to your collection – most people will be dying to get rid of unwanted clutter!
  • Introduce a swear box to your family/friends/workplace! You’ll be surprised how much loose change you’ll collect with this one!
  • Participate in sponsored activities or sports events, such as a marathon, bike ride, walk or swim. Ask businesses to sponsor you for your project.
  • Collect money on the street by busking, facepainting, posing as a statue, performing magic tricks or telling people jokes. You’ll need to be brave (and seek permission from the Council) but its great fun and an effective way to raise more cash. Oh and it helps to have some kind of talent ;)

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