I just spent the most hallucinatory three hours getting back to Mandrione from Trastevere. Here are some things I witnessed:

  • Lady in the front seat of the bus who loudly explained the entire route to her cell phone caller. PYRAMIDE, COLOSSEO, LIBICANA, PORTA MAGGIORE, I’M GETTING OFF AT SAN LORENZO, YES, YES, RIGHT THERE, RIGHT. She was probably 75 and had her hair did and fabulous sunglasses and carried an orchid plant the size of a small child and an enormous foil-wrapped chocolate Easter egg.
  • When a young woman next to me answered her phone and began talking loudly, an ancient woman started matching her in volume while speaking to the front seat lady about how rude it is when people speak loudly on the bus. Her tirade included such gems as, IN MUSSOLINI’S TIME YOU WOULDN’T HAVE BEEN ABLE TO TALK ON THE PHONE LIKE THAT.

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