I can finally admit it…I got bed bugs once! One of the worst things I have ever had happen to me while traveling and I guess maybe if you travel long enough it’s bound to occur. I wasn’t sure about writing this story because frankly it’s embarrassing and I felt so skanky after it happened, but six months later I can now emotionally deal with the issue (or at least that’s what my therapist says)

Bed Bug

Below is what I wrote 6 months ago while waiting at the train station to leave Chiang Mai for Bangkok, Thailand. Steve is the guy who I was doing photography work with in Bangkok.

“Today has been a new one for me here in Chiang Mai. I came up here with a friend to shoot some photos of the area. We had been staying at a recently renovated hotel called The Mercure and were using it as a base for going out to sites in extreme northern Thailand.

We had gotten to Chiang Mai late evening and for 800 baht per night ($22.50 USD) it came with 4 stars and breakfast. Normally this would be over my budget but Steve wanted to stay there because he knew a friend who was a teacher from Bangkok that was bringing her class, 100+ students, to do a music show there for a week. She made all the arrangements and we were given the same discounted price as the school was getting. So for a little more and being such a nice hotel I was ok with it. After all I was thinking it’s ok sometimes to splurge and not stay in a $5, steamy hot, hostel room.

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