When it comes to airline fees, nothing is off-limits. Just ask Jason Fogelson.

He needed a receipt for his latest American Airlines flight, but when he asked for one, the airline said it would cost him. “I was flabbergasted,” he says.

So was I.

Here’s what happened to Fogelson:

I recently booked business travel through American’s Web site. When it came time to fill out my expense report, I realized that I had inadvertently deleted the email receipt that had my purchase dollar amount. I went back to the site and couldn’t find a link that seemed appropriate. So, I called the customer service line directly.

Customer service politely informed me that I had to contact them via email — there is no way to get a duplicate receipt via phone. Fine.

So, I emailed customer service, and received a “no-reply” email back with a form that had to be filled out and faxed, not emailed, back to them in order to get a receipt. Fine.

I filled out the form, and faxed it in. The next day, I received an email response. 

What did American say in response to Fogelson’s request?

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