We had just passed through some of the most demanding terrain I have ever crossed and we were just a day off what we were sure was the end of what felt like more than an epic Expedition. It felt like a giant eye opener as regards to life. A rare insight into a unique world few people knew anything about. Sheikh Saleem Hamid Ambe Somota Al Mahri was one of the reasons for this rare insight and understanding. Earlier that day he had told us about this British man which had passed through at least 40 years earlier with his Al Mahra guides and people were still talking about them today. I wondered if this had been the legendary Wilfried Thesiger and his two companions Bin Kabina and a name I have forgotten. Sheikh Saleem didn´t know, but he did remember the days the British ruled this area. Much better than today he said. Everything worked as compared to today when the area is under Yemeni rule. The Al Mahari Bedu see themselves as belonging to the Gulf people, not the Yemenis. And they´re very different. I would call them a unique people who´s land is seperate from the rest. It definitely feels like the oldest place with the oldest thoughts and habits I have ever travelled through and come across during my 25 years of exploration through over 125 countries.

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