Family, biological or intentional, are a mighty important part of life – whether you are focused on staying connected to them, or sometimes trying to stay as far from them as possible. And we often hear that placing a focus on family is a reason that people don’t travel as much as they would otherwise like.

We personally think that family connections are hugely important, so we’d like to offer up some alternative ways to think about incorporating travel in with family.

Travel with them!

“I can’t travel like I want until the kids are grown.” This is probably one of the most common reasons we hear for why people aren’t doing the travel they want to do. Chris and I aren’t the best resources for inspiration on this particular topic, as we’re intentionally childfree by choice. However, we both grew up with a good deal of travel in our lives as kids, and we turned out just fine! Granted, we didn’t travel full time as kids, but we both greatly appreciate and honor the travel experiences we had growing up. Some of my fondest and most pivotal experiences as a kid where not from sitting in a classroom, but from the many travel experiences I had with my family and or on my own. And Chris actually spent four years living as an expat in Indonesia with his family while growing up!

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