NoHo, SoHo, Tribeca, NoLita - New Yorkers love their geographical acronyms - NoHo - north of Houston, SoHo - south of Houston, Tribeca - the triangle below Canal Street , NoLita - north of Little Italy...

Maybe it's because the rest of their city is boringly street-named (we were staying on the corner of 1st Avenue and 1st Street... I mean, come on! Think of something more original!) So the little streets and blocks develop personalities and identities that make living in this mad metropolis easier to handle - they even call parts of it a 'Village'.

So when our friend suggested we meet in 'Dumbo' it was no surprise. "cool!" our other friends said, "everyone loves dumbo"

Luckily, everyone did love Dumbo - Down Under Manhatten Bridge Overpass. Dumbo is the old warehouse district on the waterside of Brooklyn with views of the Manhatten skyscrapers and with the great arching bridges raising across the redeveloped waterside.

The Brooklyn and Manhatten bridges soar around you on both sides, carrying trains, cars and people into and out of central New York everyday. Like iron rainbows, these bridges span not only the East River but also the story of NewYorks residents, the lives of all the people who travel back and forth every day, the hopes and dreams of young folk who come to the city to create new stories, to rise above where they started and maybe to return one day to their families and hometowns.

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