I’m now going to tell you about Levanzo. You won’t believe me, nor will you trust your eyes when looking at the photos. But I was there, and all this happened, and you just need to do what I tell you after the jump to experience it yourself. Don’t forget to take me along with you, though. I have got to get back there.

According to my off-season timetable for Ustica Lines, we took the 9.20AM boat from Trapani to Levanzo. It takes about a half hour. When you disembark, you’re going to see the Arcobaleno (Rainbow) bar directly in front of you, above you. This is the view from that bar:

WOW, right? Yeah, we didn’t go there, and I’ll tell you why: A loud, smallish tour group got off the boat along with us, and that’s where they all went for a coffee. So, we went up to the road and took a left, to the bar that you see up in the first picture there jutting out over the water. It’s called the Bar Romano. Go there. We paid 2.40 euro for our coffees and had the entire deck to ourselves. And, the bar lady was really nice. And, they had a dog sleeping in the entrance. Love.

The smallish tour group took off in a Range Rover, presumably to visit the Grotta del Genovese, which I’ve since learned is totally famous and has cave paintings. We decided to take off on foot to see what we could discover.  We walked down the road in front of these homes:

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