For some strange reason dining solo has never been an issue for me – in fact I sort of like the way it makes you stick out in a restaurant. I suppose some people may look at me and think it’s sad that I’m alone – but I prefer to think that people are looking at me thinking that I’m one kick ass confident chick on my own. Regardless – I don’t really care what others think around me – I simply want to eat good food and there’s no reason to sit inside and pass up great eating experiences because you are afraid of what others think.

When it comes to solo travel, I find myself eating alone in public a lot. I take a good book, a notepad, or seat myself up at the bar to strike up a conversation with the bartended – and I’m perfectly happy solo. However, for those who aren’t quite as comfortable eating alone in public, I came across a great way for solo travelers to have a fabulous eating experience while in Buenos Aires.

Puerto cerrados restaurants– or “closed door” restaurants are seeming to pop up all over these days in large cities. And they are extremely popular in Buenos Aires. These are basically eating experiences in people’s private homes.

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