Have you been to Nuku Hiva? Nuka whatta? Part of the Marquesas Islands group in the South Pacific, this is not your typical island in French Polynesia. Instead of resorts with over-the-water-bungalows and broad beaches, baby boomers will find a rugged landscape with horses roaming free and a definite off-the-beaten-path feel.

Most baby boomer travelers who come to the northernmost island in the Marquesas arrive by way of cruise ship. Alan and I have visited twice. We were introduced to Nuku Hiva on a Pacific crossing from Los Angeles to Sydney, Australia aboard the Seven Seas Voyager. It was our first look at land after seven days at sea. I theorize that cruise ships stop here to give antsy passengers a chance to put their feet on the ground.

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The Marquesas Islands

The Marquesas Islands are a relatively unvisited part of French Polynesia, comprised of three distinct islands, Ua Pou, Ua Huka, Nuku Hiva and 7 unpopulated islands. The Rotterdam anchored in Baie Taiohae on the island of Nuku Hiva, a volcanic, mountainous and fertile island that mainly produces breadfruit, coconut and tobacco. The locals are known for their Tattoo and carving skills. Their artistry dates back thousands of years and is believed to be the source of the Easter Island stone heads and the Hawaiian Tiki.

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