Have you ever jumped atop a piece of furniture in your home or workplace after seeing a mouse run by? Grab your significant other to squash a spider? Or douse a trail of ants with a full can of Raid?

The above reactions are all normal in the cities and suburban dwellings of developed nations, though if you’re going to be a world traveler, it’s time to desensitize yourself to close encounters of the creepy-crawly kind. And not just the little buggers you’re accustomed to at home -- we’re talking large, exotic, potentially poisonous, monster-movie inspiring creatures!

Worse than the actual close encounter is the state you’ll likely be in -- buck naked, or close to it.

The Big Hairy Spider

The Big Hairy Spider

I encountered a big, hairy spider protecting its egg sack when I walked into my hotel bathroom one morning in McLeod Ganj, India. I nearly jumped out of my boxers at the sight of it chilling out near the window above my shower/bathtub. Conveniently, I was overdue for a day without a shower. The next morning, it was still there, and I wasn’t about to move it, so I mentioned it to the hotel staff who said they’d take care of it.

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