From 6 days ago, we have now advanced.

Coming from the Bedu breed, our young, calm, and easy camel was a beauty. He is four years in age but in personality, cocky! We’ve named him Kensington, for one reason, in honor of a good friend who wanted to meet in Yemen. So in spirit, Jeff, owner of Kensington tours, joins us.

The first couple of days, Mohammed joined us but in the 45 degree Celsius heat, he fell into a heat stroke and returned home. Although he had never crossed areas of his country, knowing he made it as far as he did, I hope he is able to take something from his journey. From having experienced the harshness of the desert, there is an appreciation for the simple things missed. Mohammed felt it best to feel the ground his feet was most familiar.

Speaking from a lifetime of exploring extreme climates, let’s hope, in hours of smoldering heat, the sand, the terrain underlying our soles, at the end will be physical pampering. We are up at 4 A.M making our way for 6 hours. In this heat, we break around 9. By midday around 13:00 to 15:00, we set off again. The heat makes it very difficult to sleep but with nature, there is comfort to know it is always on your side. When the suns sets and the stars appear, the nomadic, wandering life stops, and for that moment you root your thoughts. I called Pamela the night of June 18, starring up at the amazing galaxy, an island universe and told her I’ve changed my attitude. As an explorer, ambitions and setting goals can often blind what really matters which in this instance is trying to understand the Bedu ways of the desert. This is our change of tactic – we are only here for a little time, and it’s time to experience the desert.

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