Like other festival-bearing regions in the Bel Paese, Calabrian months are filled with parties paying homage to everything from Mother Maria to wild mushrooms to snails and nothing punctuates a Calabrian vacation like getting in on the action.

It would be difficult - if not impossible to create an all-encompassing list of festivals in Calabria. Major cities, small villages and intimate neighborhoods - yes, you read that correctly - all celebrate sagre food festivals and saintly celebrations throughout the year. When budgets are tight in small communities festivals may be put on hold or postponed until the next year … but this list will get you started.  

If you know of a festival in Calabria that isn’t on this list, please let me know. I’ll add it in a heartbeat. 

January - February  

Orange Festival and Processional - Corigliano Calabro (province of Cosenza)

March - April  

A’Naca Good Friday Processional - Catanzaro

Ancient Good Friday Processional - Laino Borgo (province of Cosenza)

Good Friday Processional - Caccuri (province of Crotone)

Historical Good Friday Processional - Caulonia Marina (province of Reggio Calabria)

Good Friday Processional - Montalto Uffugu (province of Cosenza)

Good Friday Processional - San Giovanni in Fiore (province of Cosenza)

 Easter Monday Processional - Badolato (province of Catanzaro)

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