Our resort borders the small town of Abreu.  West of Abreu is Rio San Juan, the fishing village which we wrote about previously, and east of Abreu is Cabrera.  This past week our friend AR brought us to her home, introduced us to her family, and showed us around Cabrera.

Note to our parents: read the next paragraph at risk of parental worry.

We were going to take the guagua to Cabrera, but Amy has always been antsy about waiting around for the bus (there are no real bus stops anyway) so we began walking down the main road toward our destination.  After walking for about five minutes, Jay thought he spotted the guagua coming and Amy proceeded to flag it down.  Turned out it was a local guy in a pick-up truck who lived in Cabrera and was on his way to the slightly closer town of Catalina.  He ended up taking us to our destination, for which we happily gave him the money we had allocated for the guagua.  Amy got the thrill of hitchhiking, which she hadn’t had since living in Israel years ago and we took an ~10 mile trip for about 75 cents each.  Note to parents, since you clearly read this paragraph:  These parts are pretty safe and we wouldn’t hitch a ride in Santo Domingo.  Rest easy.

As we were standing in front of Caribe Express waiting for our friend to meet us, we wandered into the local ‘Supreme Court’ across the street.  Amy snapped a photo in the courtroom with a security guard, in the process noticing a crucifix prominently displayed in front of the bench.  As the security guard escorted us out, he invited us to come back to watch some proceedings the following day.

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