First, it was traveling across the island with a crippling migraine. Then, it was a black eye gracefully received while boogie boarding. Now, toxic poisoning with neurological and gastronomic effects. Excellent.

First, let me tell you about a new sport Kelly has adopted with all the enthusiasm of a child who just discovered ice cream. Spear fishing.

Spear fishing is quite an interesting sport, and a natural draw for anybody who likes fishing as well as snorkelling. It involves diving under the water with mask and fins, and basically hunting for fish with a spear. A basic spear itself is quite primitive, with three prongs with which to spear the fish, and a thick rubber band at the other end to enable the hunter to “shoot” the spear a very short distance. (If you’ve ever shot an elastic band at anybody by stretching it over your thumbs, you’re already half way there).

The skill involved is twofold: Firstly, holding your breath long enough to stalk and catch your prey is no small feat. Accomplished spear fishers can stay under water for minutes at a time, and some can dive to incredible depths. Secondly, being able to “sneak up” on fish in their own environment is akin to a shark trying to “sneak up” on us on land. It’s pretty difficult. So the challenge, along with the act of stalking and hunting (along with the opportunity to have free fish for dinner) was enough to quickly get Kelly hooked.

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