Who goes to an amusement park solo? Me. Yes – I’m a bit of a freak – but I refuse to let solo be an obstacle. There’s no better feeling than riding a roller coaster solo, or standing in line solo surrounded by young kids to ride the twister solo. Yup – that’s right – I’m hard core solo. I didn’t have to share cotton candy with anyone or deal with anybody else’s fear of roller coasters or motion sickness. I laughed and screamed as the rides jolted me about all – by – myself.

Ok – in all honestly this is not something I would normally do – but I had agreed to write an article on the Tivoli Gardens while in Copenhagen before I really knew it was an amusement park. (yes, that’s right – I’m not a great pre-researcher.) The client gave me the list of topics that I could choose from to write about and 3 of the 4 of them were shopping related – which I rarely do when I’m traveling. When you are nomadic and don’t have a home – there are very few reasons to shop. Which means that I spend more time taking photos and exploring an area instead of going into shops. So when I looked at the list and saw the word “park” I immediately decided that I would write about that site – it was a no brainer. I love parks after all. I envisioned me walking around a beautifully manicured colorful park, taking photos of flowers, watching runners, and sitting on benches – hell, I might even have a picnic. However, once I arrived in Copenhagen, I realized to my surprise that Tivoli Gardens had cotton candy, roller coasters, swings, game arcades, and lots of kids – not quite what I was expecting!

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