For those of you who think a well-worded complaint is the fastest way to a free ticket, I have some bad news: The airlines are on to you.

Consider what happened to George Yen. He found himself locked out of his Mileage Plus account after United Airlines took issue with his frequent complaints.

Yen says the grievances — and the miles he was awarded as a result — are justified. When he flies on United, he says, “I usually experience lots of problems — delays, baggage issues, cancellations.”

But the way United handled his loyalty account was anything but justified, he says.

United placed my mileage plus on an audit, and since October I have been unable to utilize any of my miles. I have more than 100,000 miles due to credit card offers (since I have a United Airlines credit card) and I fly with United often.

They have held my account on this status for months now and I have been calling customer relations, Mileage Plus customer service again and again. They recommended that I deal with Mileage Plus Audit or the Mileage Plus Fraud Line.

What doesn’t seem fair is that I can continue to accumulate miles but not use them.

These miles should not be frozen. I emailed and called customer relations more than a dozen times, and most of the agents are not even located within the U.S. or give me much more information in regards to this matter.

I asked United about Yen’s case. It is unclear why the audit took so long, but a representative told me that Yen’s entire account wasn’t frozen — only the miles that were being audited. What’s behind the audit? The letter he received explains almost everything.

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