I don't have a crystal ball. But in ten years time, I bet we won't be racing the world around on cheap flights.

Lets all cross our fingers and hope that the price of oil goes back up and keeps going skyward.

For the good of the world and our kids, lets hope 'Budget Flights' are just a silly passing fad.

'Pay peanuts and you'll get monkeys' is the old saying - I paid peanuts for my flight, and monkeys now are boarding the plane to Valencia. Clambering aboard, pushing and jumping over the seats. Howling and shrieking as their child-chimps smother chocolate over their faces.

An international chimps tea-party at 20,000 feet.

The Hoi-Polloi, cattle class, scum-shuttles... cheap flights are grim, ugly, noisey and responsible for the increase of air travel - and air travel is, as we all know, the number one killer of the environment.

More short air routes means more CO2. Budget airlines increase traffic on the ground and air, sell over-priced junk food, are filthy and cramped, they hold small cities to ransom with their demands and erode the ability of decent airlines to provide a sustainable service.

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