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  • Dining in Private

    “But I don’t like to eat alone” – I hear this all the time from people who aren’t nuts about the idea of solo travel. The next comment normally is something about, “I feel weird sitting at a table by myself.”

  • You Don’t Need to Tango To Visit a Milonga

    You don’t have to be able to dance tango to go to a Milonga in Buenos Aires.

  • The genius that is duct tape

    I had seen those people before – the ones with the duct taped boots or better yet the people who left their torn up destroyed boots on the trail as an offering to the hiking Gods. I always thought, “What idiots!“.

  • The Oldest Ghost Town in Antarctica

    Because of demand, Whaling ‘stations’ were popping up in Antarctica and one of the booming ones was at Deception Island.

  • 5 Surprising you can do on Antarctica

    “Welcome to Antarctica!” the voice in front of me boomed. Surprised to hear the sentence verbalized for me, a wave of excitement rolled through my body.

  • The Drake Symphony

    I leave after eating a couple bites of my fruit and retreat to the horizontal position that the Drake Passage requires me to be in.

  • Mother Nature is in Charge

    “It is Monday December 17th. The temperature is 2 degrees outside, the winds are 11 knots and the skies are cloudy. We are currently anchored at Danco Island. Good morning.” Julio says.

  • How to visit Lana'i on a budget

    “But what about those who travel on a budget? This nagging question is what kept going through my head when I initially arrived in Lana’i.

  • The Purrfect Sanctuary in Lanai

    On the island of Lana’i “herding cats” is common place – and the volunteers of Lana’i Animal Rescue Center (LARC) make it look simple.

  • Leaping into the history of Lana'i

    Steve led me to Kehekili’s Leap (aka Warrior’s Leap) where cliff diving was supposedly ‘created’ when King Kamehameha’s warriors proved their bravery by leaping aprox. 70 feet into the ocean below.

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