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  • Roughing it in Oman

    A day ago, when I arrived in Oman in the wee morning hours I watched the sun come up and light up the capital city of Muscat...

  • Oman Coastal Hiking

    From this point on, I was going where no vehicles can go – I had to rely on my feet – and occasionally my hands. But little did I know that what I really had to rely upon was my mind to get me through the next hiking days in Oman.

  • Data and Data Privacy

    Fascinating interview with Michal Kosinski on Data Privacy

  • It’s a Man’s World

    As I looked through the viewfinder and framed up a shot – it hit me. I pulled the camera from my face and looked around once again...

  • Faking it...

    ...language, yeah?

  • Financial Travel Tip #81: Free Accommodation With House-Sitting

    The concept is as simple as it sounds: there are a number of websites that connect homeowners who need somebody to care for their pets/plants/etc in their absence, with travellers who are up for the task and enthusiastic about living a slice of “local lif

  • 'Living like a local' in Berlin?

    Where and how do you find local experiences?

  • Finding the Hip Local Restaurants in Berlin

    The Gastro Rallye East Food Tour was a way to get introduced to a neighborhood and the hip restaurants of the area. I was really curious to see how this tour delivered the ‘off the tourist track’ elements it promised.

  • Saigon’s Xe Om: Motorcyle Taxi Drivers that Made Me Smile

    Only in Vietnam would negotiating a taxi fare include a road test.

  • Lean on... others

    There are days where it sweeps over me like the fog that rolls over the hills in San Francisco slowly devouring the landscape.

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