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  • Copenhagen on a budget

    The challenge was now set – how do I experience Copenhagen and see its attractions, but not go broke or starve?

  • Amusing Myself

    Ok - in all honesty this is not something I would normally do -

  • A New Look in Liege

    I made sure that as I passed through Liege again 2 months later this time I would get out to take some proper photos.

  • Berlin's honour system

    I take a seat and catch my breath and realize that there’s one thing that made this Berlin Ubahn dash possible – the ticket ‘honor system’.

  • Turning Construction into Art

    I felt as if the whole city of Copenhagen was under construction. All of the beautiful squares and plazas were not only torn up, but they were dusty, and loud.

  • Abandoned Medicine – Beelitz Heilstätten

    I had made my way outside of Berlin to the little community of Beelitz on this snowy Easter weekend to photograph Beelitz Heilstätten, a sanatorium for tuberculosis treatment methods in the early 20th century.

  • Pleading for Bun Rieu Soup in Cai Rang

    With an emphatic shake of the head, I was denied my soup.

  • My French Supermarket

    Here is a map I drew of my Carrefour supermarket.

  • Photos from the Mekong Markets at Dawn

    Tourists head to the Mekong specifically for the floating boat markets at dawn...

  • Roughing it in Oman

    A day ago, when I arrived in Oman in the wee morning hours I watched the sun come up and light up the capital city of Muscat...

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