My first (and only) Photoshop course was taken from Douglas Henderson. At the time he was just a guy teaching a winter class at Tulsa Technology Center; a class that weekly I screeched about as I pulled on a coat and trudged to the car trying not to step on my bottom lip.

1. LIGHT….is the only thing you are taking a picture of; so make it your prime consideration; where is the light? how is it falling on your subject? What color is it? How hard is the light.

2. Everyone sees the world at…eye level. For your photos to stand out, find ways to shoot at anything but eye level. Stand on anything (I carry a four-foot step ladder in the trunk of my car at all times), or get lower, even to the point of lying on the ground.

3. Get off the beaten path, like the star ship Enterprise; BOLDLY GO WHERE NO MAN HAS GONE BEFORE…which is why I carry insect repellent in my camera bag at all times.

4. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be timid. Never fear to ask anyone to do anything that will make a better picture; the worst they can do is say no, or maybe HELL NO.

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