It was 11:30AM and the man at the ticket counter looked at me anxiously and said “Are you ready?”.

I took a deep breath, tightened my backpack straps, got a good grip on my camera and said “Yes” confidently.

The machine let out a long BEEEEEP!

My I Amsterdam card was now officially ticking.

I was off to the turbo tourist races armed with my camera, map, comfortable shoes, backpack, and my I Amsterdam card. The card was my ticket to get into numerous museums and events for free around Amsterdam in addition to discounts at tourist attractions and restaurants. What’s the catch? It’s only good for 24 hours and it costs 38 Euro. On Tuesday I told you all about how to use the I Amsterdam card strategically to get the maximum value out of the card, I was now ready to put all of my strategizing to the test.

After plotting my route out on the map, figuring out closing times, and renting my Mac Bike with my discount, I was ready to go. I normally try not to travel like a tourist if I can help it, I don’t like to go where everyone else goes; instead I like to find unique travel experiences. However, I thought I could do the traditional tourist things for a day and it wouldn’t kill me. However, I couldn’t just dive into the tourist pool headfirst – I had to do it my way; a little quirky…sort of a belly flop into the pool I guess. I had chosen some of the more small, off-beat museums as well as attractions that were a little different.

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