Wilderness Australia

“Wilderness Australia offers a select portfolio of outback properties, bush camps, small lodges, island retreats and luxury hotels. The guides they work with are often conservationists in their own right, they are always local and they share their expertise and passion for Australia’s natural and cultural heritage.”

Wilderness Australia is a passionate and innovative small company based in New South Wales, Australia. For those seeking an authentic bush experience with knowledgable guides, or some secluded retreat on an island on the Barrier Reef, Charlie Carlew and his team will set it up. They are not cheap - but they will work within most reasonable budgets, from top luxury to less expensive small lodges.

Above all it is the hosts they have chosen, and the characters you meet along the way, people who have stories to tell and a passion for thier 'patch', who will make your experience very Australian.

Where they go

The Great Barrier Reef, the Daintree, Ayers Rock, the Outback, the Queensland Coast and the major cities - in fact they can organise trips to anywhere in Australia.

What they specialise in

Tailor made trave to off the beaten track destinations throughout Australia. They have relationships with an extensive collection of lodges and camps throughout Australia, as well as some more mainstream luxury hotels - and so can organise any combination of bush and city or adventure holiday.

Who they are for

People looking for adventures, and an authentic experience, with knowledgable locals. Travellers who might sometimes want to rough it, but like to rough it in style - as well as those who like the ultimate luxuries.

Deposit protection

Australian Travel Agent's Licence No. 2TA5249

Wilderness Australia

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