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“With Water by Nature you can raft the most scenic and most exciting rivers in the world and sleep out under the stars while still being looked after.”

Water By Nature grew out of a passion for running rivers and taking a bunch of like-minded people to remote and exciting parts of the world. It was founded by kiwi, Hamish McMaster, who had spent many years guiding the best rivers around the globe.   He leads a team of world-renowned river professionals, and Water By Nature is now the rafting specialist of the world. Their classic river journeys stand alongside climbing Kilimanjaro and trekking the Inca Trail in their appeal to the most avid adventurers. Their palette of river journeys includes a chance to raft the best rivers in the world and 80% of their clients return for a second trip to try another river.

Serious about safety, about good food, good times and fun, Water by Nature offer trips to suit all ages and abilities.

Where they go

Australia, Chile, Ethiopia, India, Morocco, Nepal, New Zealand, Peru, Switzerland, Turkey, USA and Zambia

What they specialise in

Water by Nature Rafting trips aren't just about fun, excitement and the adventure of white water rafting. You will experience the best white water rivers in the world (most scenic, most exciting, or both) as well as "5 star" campsites (or we prefer to say "one million stars") delicious food accompanied by apres-rafting drinks, and entertaining professional guides. They take you on a different kind of journey... there are no cars here, no stress and no cell phones. There is just the rhythm of the river, the soothing sound of the water to send you off to sleep, and the warm sun to kiss you awake in the morning. Be warned: it may even change your life.

Who they are for

Water by Nature's youngest client to date was 6 years old, and their most mature was a 73 year old blind chap, who did a 7-day Zambezi trip! (He was not into the scenery, but loved getting wet).

Water by Nature

Key Information

Outbound operator
Based in
United Kingdom flag United Kingdom
Specialist in
White water rafting
Typical duration
8-16 days
Typical group size
Popular destinations
Zambia, Peru, Ethiopia, Australia, India & New Zealand
Best time of year
All year round
Can tours be customised?
Typical tour price