Sinai Divers

“Sinai Divers has over 30 years of experience diving off the Sinai coast. They offer diving adventures for divers of all skill levels and at all types of locations from coral reefs, to ship wrecks, to steep drop-offs.”

Sinai Divers offers travellers an up close look at some of the world's most beautiful coral reefs. With dive sites for divers of all skill levels, Sinai Divers can accomodate groups of all kinds for a safe and exciting adventure underwater. Experienced divers can choose exactly what kind of dive they want and Sinai Divers will have just the thing - with over 30 locations to choose from, each diver can get a glimpse of what they're searching for under the sea from a deteriorating ship wreck to a gorgeous coral reef to an exhilerating steep drop-off.

Where they go

Sinai Divers has over 30 diving sites throughout the area.

Sinai Divers

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