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“Mark Tennent is an expert mountaineer who has been recognized by both UK and French mountain boards offering walking tours in the French Alps. He guides small groups and families in among the complex trails he knows so well.”

With over 25 years in the mountains, Mark Tennent has earned his recognition as an expert in the mountains. He offers a variety of different tours from mild walks to more intense climbs. A resident of the area, Mark is an expert on the area and knows various trails allowing him to offer a variety of different kinds of tours from stopping to smell the wildflowers to trying to conquer the highest peaks. Simply Savoie offers tours in both Summer and Winter ao visitors at any time of year can take in the beauty and the splendor of the landscape.

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Quality Alpine walking and snowshoeing holidays for individuals, families, friends & small group tours.   From an afternoon walk to a 15 day hut to hut trek, there is a tour for all ages and levels of fitness.

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