Rhode School of Cuisine

“The Rhode School of Cuisine is perfect for indulging in the finer things in life and to get a taste of the alluring culture of the school's three amazing locations in Morocco, France and Spain.”

At the Rhode School of Cuisine, travellers can take part in week long cooking courses, or leave their fellow travellers during the day for off-site excursions in each of the school's amazing locations: France, Spain and Morocco. Either way, get a taste of the finer things in life with a stay in one of the luxury villas and encounter culture through your senses as the guides and chefs at the school introduce you to to the world around you through it's sights, smells and most importantly, tastes.

Stays at the Rhode School of Cuisine also include cultural excursions like shopping for ingredients in the suoks in Marrakech or a wine tasting in a French chateau vineyard.

Where they go

Sites in France, Spain and Morocco.

What they specialise in

Cooking classes alongside cultural excursions to encounter culture through the food and tastes of the country.

Rhode School of Cuisine

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