Responsible Adventures

“Responsible Adventures are an ecological trekking organisation who, as well as promoting foot travel, also work to improve, protect and preserve the environment of the Himalayan mountain rangers and the people and cultures that survive there.”

Trekking with a heart and a mind to look after the Himalayan ranges you’re travelling though, Responsible Adventures offer all the classic Himalayan treks, from Everest base Camp to the Annapurna Circuit, as well as some trail options of their own.

Where they go

Bhutan, India, Tibet and Nepal

What they specialise in

Responsible Adventures' Mission: To share the essence of the Himalayas - its vastness, timelessness, culture and humanity -- and to provide their customers with the highest quality travel experience available in this extraordinary part of the world.

Who they are for

Adventurous people who do not wish to leave a big footprint and who believe that they should leave as they found.

Deposit protection

Since clients need to pay deposits by cash or bank transfer, we highly recommend they have adequate travel insurance in place, including Travel Trade Indemnity insurance.

Responsible Adventures

Key Information

Inbound operator
Based in
Nepal flag Nepal
Specialist in
Trekking in the Alps, Australia and The Rockies